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Paint Fumes, Western Medication, Good Sex, Nuclear Santa Claust, and Dogs of Oz

This is a mega-bill. The headliner, Western Medication, is playing with a new lineup and is back in the studio recording new tracks. You don't want to miss their set. Good Sex has been on a tour-de-force lately, playing show after show. They've seemed to really be hitting a groove of late.

Also on the bill are the underage miscreants Dogs of Oz. They've been out the game for about a year, but talks of return to live shows as well as a debut LP are floating around. It seems that Dogs of Oz have truly emerged out of their cave. Expect a lot of growth from this young band.

Off the touring circuit are Paint Fumes and Nuclear Santa Claust, from North Carolina and New Jersey, respectively. Don't know much about either, but have heard good things.