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Muzz, Fox Fun, Gnarwhal

John Webster Johns (of White Fence. Far right.) aka John Dust aka CC Name aka Fictional Boys aka MUZZ is coming to town. And he’s playing a show tonight, with Fox Fun and Gnarwhal. I know. I know. Chances are you’ve already heard about this happening. Just reminding you in case you had forgotten and were planning to fake out and do something else. Don’t even think about it.

The good people of Nashville’s Dead are putting it together and MUZZ will be playing with a backing band comprised entirely of some of Nashville’s finest acts (Fox Fun, OGG, The Paperhead, D. Watusi, etc).

Festivities start at 9pm, and the show is only five bones. Damn. Nuff said. We’ll see you there.

Click the photo to check out some of MUZZ’s tunes from his Soundcloud.