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Artist Showcase @ Float Nashville


2701 Greystone Rd, Nashville, Tennessee 37204

"Please join Float Nashville for our artist showcase! Over the past couple of months, Nashville artists have been floating and creating works based (in)directly from their floats. On July 26th, we will celebrate floating, art, and life by showcasing the float inspired works. There will be music, visual art, video, and more! Come out and support your local artists!!

A finalized list of the artists involved will be posted soon. So far we have these lovelies:

Patrick Arena
Amanda Oliver Hendricks
William Hanvey
Ug Ly Love Ly
Christine Hall
Landon Musashi
David Camp
Ferrel Garramone
Heather Openshaw
Is Barros
Jamie Zoe Givens
Jordan Proper
Joshua Dent
Catrina Renee' Higgs
Kirabelle Frabotta
BlackCat Sylvester
Sara Zavaleta

Float Nashville provides effective, natural, and clinically proven therapy to our float community, educates the public about floating and float tanks, and inspires people to live joyfully, passionately, and creatively. Floating, otherwise known as sensory deprivation, occurs in a float tank that is filled with a water and epsom salt solution. The float tank is lightproof, soundproof, and skin-neutral. Epsom salt helps the body experience supreme buoyancy. The sensory deprivation and buoyancy have potential psychological and physical benefits to the floater."