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Pre-Bastille Day party with Gainsbourg @ Fond Object

"Bonsoir mes amis! WE here at Fond Object are going to have a pre-Bastille Day party in our back yard, and guess what? You are all invited!

First up, we have episode 3 of the amazing (albeit non-French) show, The Prisoner. In this episode "Dance of the Dead" Number 6 finds a radio on the beach and goes to a mysterious masquerade ball. Intrigue ensues...will Number 6 escape this week? Join us and find out!

After our trip to the Village, join us on a trip of a different sort with Gainsbourg: Vie Heroique (a heroic life). This psychedelic biopic of the late, great, Serge Gainsbourg is a real treat for the eyes and ears. The film follows notorious musician Serge Gainsbourg's exploits from his upbringing in Nazi occupied France through his rise to fame and love affairs with Juliette Gréco, Brigitte Bardot and marriage to Jane Birkin to his later experimentation with reggae in Jamaica. It also incorporates multiple elements of fantasy, most significantly with the character called "The Mug", an animated exaggeration of Gainsbourg that acts as his conscience (or anti-conscience) at crucial moments in Gainsbourg's life. The film also includes many of Gainsbourg's more famous songs, which serve as the soundtrack to the film and often serve as plot elements themselves.

Will will also have a few other French goodies thrown in throughout the evening, so this is one night you do not want to miss! 

So put on your beret, grab a glass of vino to wash down your fromage and baguette, and join us in the Fond Object backyard for all things Francophilic! Viva la France!

8:00 - Doors
8:30 - Episode three of the Prisoner "Dance of the Dead"
9:30 - Gainsbourg: Vie Heroique

Entrance through the back gate off of Riverside Drive. BYOB/BYOG/BYOV

Be seeing you...."