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NO FOOL NO FUN /// Photography Show by Elise Tyler @ 444 Humphreys Pop Up and Galleries

Please join in the opening of my photography show NO FOOL NO FUN Saturday July 5th 6pm-10pm!

When asked about the show, this is what I had to say. Come check it out for yourself, I will feed you hot cheetos & takis, boxed wine, and tequila shots!

Elise Tyler
"No Fool No Fun"
Portrait Photography 

As a Southerner, I was raised to treat everyone, even strangers, as a neighbor, and you must love your neighbor as you love yourself. When I take someone's portrait, this deeply engrained upbringing guides my eye. I look to connect with each person, to love them if only for a few seconds, and to see the beauty that lingers on their face after that perfect expression is captured. I am rarely afraid to ask someone for a photograph. Perhaps it is the odd moment where being a woman is to my advantage- no one seems afraid of me, or threatened by my proposition. Sometimes, I photograph people without asking, as I lurk quietly and hope they don't look my way. But my best portraits come from those who have let me in completely, who invite me into their homes and true friendships are formed. I like being friends with people who are "different" from me. It gives me hope that we are all in this together, it just takes a few moments of empathy, and the ability to love your neighbor as you love yourself.

(Elise Tyler is a Nashville native. She lives and works in West Nashville, where she co-owns The Stone Fox, a music venue/restaurant in the Nations neighborhood. Many of her photographs are taken in her neighborhood. She likes to think of herself as a local historian, documenting the native faces and places before the sweeping change of redevelopment deports everyone to Ashland City and beyond.)