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BACKYARD MOVIE NIGHT: UHF and the Prisoner ep. 6! @ Fond Object

"Well, it's another Sunday and that means another backyard movie party at Fond Object!

This week's episode of The Prisoner "A, B, and C", finds Number 6 the subject of hypnosis/mind-reading experiment conducted by Number 14 under the watchful eye of a desperate Number 2. Will they break Number 6's will? Will Number 6 finally escape the Village? Join us Sunday night to find out!

This week after the Prisoner, we are proud to be have a 25th anniversary screening of the comedy classic UHF. This was "Weird Al" Yankovic's first and only cinematic starring vehicle in which he helms the struggling channel 62 which is given to him after his gambling uncle wins the deed to it in a poker game. It then becomes the mission of the head of the biggest station in town, Channel 8, to shut Channel 62 down for good. What happens next is a string of hilarious hi-jinx in Al and his friends attempts to save the station. A total flop upon it's release in 1989 (which led to a three year slump for Yankovic) it is now widely considered to be a cult classic. Gold. 

8:00 - Doors
8:30 - Episode six of the Prisoner "A, B, and C"
9:30 - UHF

Entrance through the back gate off of Riverside Drive. BYOB/BYOG

Be seeing you..."