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LA ÚLTIMA PELÍCULA @ The Light & Sound Machine

A co-presentation of The Belcourt Theatre and Third Man Records.

This week's L&SM will also feature post-film Q&A via Skype with co-drector Raya Martin

2013 / 88 Mins. / English & Spanish with English Subtitles
Directed by Raya Martin & Mark Peranson
Starring: Alex Ross Perry, Gabino Rodríguez
HD Video

Dually a tribute to, and criticism of, Dennis Hopper's 1971 masterpiece, The Last Movie, this co-directorial effort between the prolific Filipino filmmaker Raya Martin (How To Disappear Completely) and Cinema Scope Magazine founding editor Mark Peranson is, like it's point of inspiration, a frenzied experiment in narrative and cultural discourse. Alex Ross Perry (director of 2011 hit The Color Wheel) stars as an ego-maniacal American director, traveling to Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula in hopes of exposing the world's last remaining celluloid film stock at the site of the new Mayan age of enlightenment. But like Hopper before him, the implications of his journey are far greater than he imagined.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 21 at 7:00 pm at Third Man Records. Tickets are $10.

Every Third Thursday of the Month at Third Man Records
623 7th Ave S – Nashville, TN 37203