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Hell Bent For Metal: Hammerheaded Edition @ Foobar


Thursday, January 29th from 10 pm until 2:30!
At fooBAR. 2511 Gallatin Rd., 37206
FREE, 21+

Hosted by DJ Chris Crüde and DJ J Ethos with a special guest DJ...

ALRIGHT YOU DEATH FIENDS, the previous, first-ever Hell Bent for Metal was SO DAMN RAD that they invited us back to keep doin' em'!!!!!! Yeeeeeeee-dang-ol'-haw!

We will now be doing these monthly events in the form of various "editions." Basically, to give you an idea of how this will work, each month is an edition of HBFM that has a slight emphasis towards a particular band, scene, style, etc. So, for example, this month will cater a little more than usual towards things sonically and historically related to the mighty Hellhammer WHILE OVERALL maintaining the same general spread of goodies that you'll hear every month - - - black, death, heavy, doom, thrash, proto, crust, experimental and other metals. A frothy concoction of classics and obscurities. Yum. *hiccup*

And what's more this month.......... WHOEVER GIVES US THE BEST DAMN TOM WARRIOR GRUNT/YELL/EXCLAMATION IMPRESSION GETS A FREE BEER AND 666,000 KVLT POINTS. So get to practicing your "oohs" and "ouphs" and "unghs" and "ughhs" and "ows" and "heys" and "hey heys" and "hey hey heys" and, well you get the idea... Here's some inspiration:

We'll bring the records and spin em for ya - all you have to do is come headbang yourself stupid and drink yourself dead!!!!!!!!!

Flyers and posters by Stiff Smith (IG: c.horridus). Hit her up if you want to make something look bad ass"