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SURJ Nashville October General Membership Meeting @ Edgehill United Methodist Church


"SURJ Nashville is a multi-racial, community-based organization raising white consciousness about racism and mobilizing white people to join and support movements for racial justice. Anyone who wants to join this work is welcome.



PARKING: You can park behind the two red houses (next to the church) and there is also street parking.

BUS: Buses #2 and #25 stop right in front of Edgehill UMC on Edgehill Ave. 

WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBILITY: The church has accessible ramps outside. All rooms inside, including restrooms, are wheelchair accessible. 

Gender Neutral Restrooms: Two multi-stalled gender-neutral restrooms.

No Spanish or ASL translation provided.

We cannot guarantee the space will be scent-free.

Please do not take flash photography so that folks with epilepsy don’t have seizures; please do not wear perfumes, colognes or essential oils so that chemically injured community members can attend. 

The event is FREE!!!

If folks need childcare, please comment below."