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Young Feminists For Planned Parenthood Info Meeting @ TBA

"Come drink beer (or coffee or tea or juice!!), eat yummy snacks, meet likeminded people and learn about a new Community Action Team starting up in Nashville in support of Planned Parenthood.

Since the middle of the summer, Planned Parenthood has been under attack from extremist groups seeking to end access to safe and legal abortion and other essential women's health services provided by PP. The Young Feminist C.A.T. will collectively determine ways to fight back and how we can best support our local clinic.

From the Planned Parenthood website:

- Planned Parenthood serves 2.7 million patients annually
- 1 in 5 women report having been to Planned Parenthood for care at some point in her life
-Planned Parenthood reaches 1.5 million people through educatin and outreach programs every year
-6 million people visit the Planned Parenthood websites seeking health information every month