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Greywoods, Body of Light, and Holy Mtn Top Removers @ The Stone Fox


"Greywoods is a dark and furious metal band from Nashville, TN, that captures the tormented lamentation of black metal, the crushing weight of doom metal, and the down and out melancholy spirit of early shoegaze and post rock. Formed in early 2014, Greywoods features Corey Taylor and Chris Click (members of the Ascent of Everest and Evil Bebos), Derek Martin (Argentinum Astrum), and Sra Waldron (I Am The Tower).
Listen to their most recent single "On the Insignificance of Being here:
Stream the track "Autophobia" off their debut album Infinite Nothing here:

Body of Light is a highl...y interwoven pseudo electronic act that draws influence from pop but also the avant garde. Mike and Mitch Kluge’s bass and guitar duo is backed by odd meter hip hop grooves, glitchy effects, swirling atmospheres, layered vocals, and the occasional james brown sample.
Check out their self titled record here:

Holy mtn top removers
What it would sound like if Ennio Morricone, Low and The Dirty Three all had a baby. Featuring members of the formerly badass Hellbender, HMTR are an awesome vibed out conjuring of desert tones and controlled dynamic.
Check out their sweet jams here:"