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Dendera Bloodbath (ATL), Malocchio, Chill Willis, and No Milk @ Charlie Bob's Bar

9PM $? 18+?

"Dendera Bloodbath::::

Music/sounds that arrive at your sensory doors like a shipment of childhood memories in the form of photos and citrus fruit, while you get to roll around in the pkg peanuts. Become enveloped in the sounds of nature, voices, keys, and other darkly harmonious things. Goth fables for a new generation.


Local artist Derek Schartung, veteran soundsmith in the experimental scene of Nashville will perform solo as Malocchio. Be prepared for soothing synth and drum machine soundscapes and possibly more/different live instrumentation. Music that feels like where you want to be at the end of a long work day.


No Milk::::

Sometimes records are our best friends. In the case of No Milk, a friendship is forged, between audience and artist, over a self-aware expose of songwriter Brigid Oxhorn’s hard-knocks, battles won + lost, true love found, and continuing struggle for creation and destruction in sonic form. Possibly some covers on this evening.

Chill Willis::::

Rob Beckham & Mary Beckham collaborate as Chill Willis in this debut meeting of the musical minds. Not to be missed!!!"