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Fox Fun, Free Pizza, and Loser Vision (Memphis) @ The Stone Fox


"after a long weekend of good time comes the omnipresent monday and tues. luckily there is a fun activity night of jangle pop and psychadelic dreamy-goo pop. - the stone fox on the 29th day of december in 2016. good luck too, 
features such psychadelic dark jangely acts as:

loser vision (Memphis™, TN)
"jangley guitar pop songs made entierly out of pieces of yellow garbage, a teddy bear in a gimp masque™ singing songs with a backing band"

-someone's opinion

new cassette on Nashvilles own pizza tape records, based out of a local pizzeria that makes hot fresh pies as well as funky cassettes

bandcamp link for musical understanding:

fox fun (Jamaica, JK)
yeah mon, 12 string dreamy-cloud pop from four very senstive boys. the soft pitrer-patter of the drum kit mixes smoothly with the jingle-jangle of the lead 12 string. 

Knew cassette out soon on OSR tapes (Palberta, Hellier Ullyses etc) extremely jangley band

free pizza (boston transplants, nashville friends)
extremely catchy jangely post-punk 80's kinda jonathan richmond fresh food cookin' three piece of three even more senstive boys

"these songs are extremely catchy and short"

-someone's opinion

DJ ryan "wtf" donoho will spinning some extremely sassy classics on the vinyl only-wax turn tables. if you thought nashvile was dead you can stfu and come and see us prove you other wise

the beer is cheap and maybe the wine is good. it is either 5 or 7 dollars, which is pretty cheap for an extremely good night of dreamy weirdo pop music done in the highest of qualities

poster by our boy parks perdue""