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"Waves That Are Compartments" A Solo Exhibition by Jordan Martin @ Queen Ave


"Queen Ave presents
'Waves that are Compartments'
A solo exhibition: Jordan Martin

"In order for a work to have a life of its own, getting out of the way is a necessity so the process of creating the work can become the work itself. Rather than having a fixed composition already conceived of, I let the process take over with all its spontaneity, uncertainty and chance. I am interested in how actions can be defined as art. Verbs are often the launchpad for new works. The labor intensive process of false starts and mistakes often become the anchor of the work as the structure starts to emerge. Like ambient music, I aim for an atmosphere of subtleties and traces of movement like ghosts walking among us."

Jordan Martin is a Nashville native who specializes in drawing and printmaking. Martin has a BFA in Fine Art from Watkins College of Art, Design, & Film. He has exhibited work at Rocketown, WAG, Cheekwood and Scarritt Bennett. Martin's work investigates automatic processes of mark-making. His work relies on notions of spontaneity and chance. He describes his works as automatic wanderings.

Join us on December 4th
Gallery opens at 6"