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"She's A Rebel: A Girl Group Tribute Show" @ Mercy Lounge


In the era of 1950’s-1960’s Second-Wave feminism, it was music of The Girl Groups (The Ronettes, The Shangri-Las, The Crystals, etc.) that defined the sound of popular music. It was music that gave voice to the challenges and dreams of women, made international superstars out of many – particularly women of color – and united America during the Jim Crow and desegregation years. 

Inspired by the significant roles these women played during this era of our musical heritage, “She’s A Rebel: A Girl Group Tribute” concert will take place on Friday, February 13th 2015 in Nashville, TN at The Mercy Lounge. 

Era specific attire welcome. Bee-hives! Suits! 
Dancing shoes mandatory. Couple up! Shake it down!
Romance strongly encouraged. Slow dance! Embrace!

There will be a rotating cast of lead singers, horn and string players; and a three-part harmony section! Special guest stars include:

Caitlin Rose
Jasmin Kaset
Alanna Royale
Tristen Gaspadarek
Adia Victoria
Lauren Gilbert
Kyshona Armstrong
Alicia Bognaanno 
"The Gambler" from The Protomen
Coco Hames
Carey Kotsianis
Robin August "Little Bean" Fritsch
Kelli Kvarnes
Larissa Maestro
Jessie Friedman 
Beth Cameron
Margo Price
Emily Deloach
Olivia Scibelli
Sarah Bandy
Ellen Angelico
Jordan Hamlin
Alice Buchanan
Brooke Ivey

The house band for the show will include Jessi Zazu on guitar (Those Darlins), Tiffany Minton on drums (Adia Victoria/PUJOL), Nikki Kvarnes on guitar (Those Darlins), Laura Taylor on bass (Take The Power Back), Ruby Rogers on percussion (Adia Victoria/Black Belles) and Heather Moulder on piano (Rhythm Kitchen/Don Coyote)."