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Projected Nostalgia @ Seed Space


"PROJECTED NOSTALGIA is an exhibition that explores the idea of nostalgic encounters and ideas that are not directly experienced, but are instead inferred from various media. Thus, each artist has an aesthetic that borrows from, exploits, or even ignores certain cultural phenomenon or history. The present experience of the work manifests as a melting of unrequited past, present, and future. Featuring the work of local art students, this exhibit addresses themes of intimacy, beauty, disgust, and internet culture. These avenues allow for nuanced aesthetic identities relating to both the individualized present and the human experience as a whole.

CLOSING PARTY - May 2 (Art Crawl)

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Rocky Horton's "All the Lights in My House" and Nathan Sharatt's "Be My Blood Brother"

PROJECTED NOSTALGIA on display April 25 - May2

Featuring the works of:
Matt Watkins (
Callan Downing (
Zach Felts
Jacque Fullwood
Chelsea Velaga (
Cori Sage McGuirk
Lexie Roland
James Mentz
Laura Presetkoun (
Nicole Santoyo
Shannon Setili

and more!

Event hosted by the lovely Seed Space.

Sponsored by NFA."