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Hell Bent For Metal DJ Night @ Foobar

10PM FREE 21+


Thursday, April 30th, 10 pm - 2:30 am
At fooBAR. 2511 Gallatin Rd., 37206



Well here we are again heathens, it's that time of the month again. Time for more booze and metal than you can even handle! And know what else? This month we were too busy thrashin, headbangin, and pounding beers to even come up with a theme for this, So you could say the theme for this one is the "Whatever The Fuck We Want Edition". That's right, no holds barred metal, We'll play it all. So give us some requested and if we aren't completely wasted at that point we'll play it. But come expecting all the usual suspects: Death, Black, Doom, Thrash, Heavy, Rock'n'roll and anything else we feel like spinning. Come thirsty and Hell Bent For Metal!


Flyers and posters by Stiff Smith (IG: c.horridus). Hit her up if you want to make something look bad ass!"