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New England Patriots (MA), The Christ 4, Rusty Shackleford, and Little Boy @ Betty's Grill


"NEPatriots - an uproar of sound and colors. i heard a synesthesiac threw up at a show one time. if you haven't seen them on one of their visits before, now's your chance. bring tea.

The Christ 4 - amalgamation of Boston (Designer) and Nashville (Watcher/etc) to give you unadulterated NoiseBois. Nothing on the net, come get learned.

Rusty Shackleford - today's hits and yesterday's favorites
-this link has been deleted due to copyright laws-

Little Boy - with two you get eggroll. 
-this link does not exist-

Gonna get the tunes going around 9pm. Bring $5 for the nicest dudes you'll ever meet. Find yourself."