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#WHEREISTHELOVE? w/ Jack Of The Ville, Bad Ladies, Michael McQuaid + Special Guests @ The End

Posted by Unruly Factions on Monday, June 15, 2015

8PM $5 Before 9PM $7 ALL AGES

"Jack of The Ville
Bad Ladies
Michael McQuaid
+ Special Guests

Vendors include:
The Outer Circle
Silent Antics
Appealed Design

***Giveaways including FREE CIGS***

@ The End
$5 Before 9pm

"Where Is The Love", is for the ones who are curious, the ones who are depressed, the ones who are anxious, the ones who are worried, the ones who are searching, the lost souls, and those who are inspired by all kinds of Art! Whether it be music, paintings, poetry, etc... This series is for YOU! Most of us think drugs are the answer along with alcohol, sex, and many other things, although these things are fun and make us feel good momentarily, we believe that love lies deep within each of us and the sooner we come together and discover this the better off this world will be!"