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In Place Exhibition Opening @ Global Mall at the Crossings


"In Place is a group exhibition in a vacant clothing store within a predominantly unoccupied mall. The objective of In Place is to open up a dialogue on contemporary art and contemporary consumer culture. Staging the exhibition in an entropic consumer space allows work to function outside of a traditional gallery context and lends to a discussion of art existing within a consumer society. In Place features 27 artists from around the United States and Peru. 

Show Opening on July 10th 3:30pm-8:30pm
Gallery Hours are July 11th 8am-8pm, July 12th 12pm-6pm

Michael Benevenia, Baltimore, MD
Lauren Jo, Beaver Falls, PA
Angelo Kozonis, Baltimore, MD
Cyane Tornatzky, Fort Collins, CO
Courtney Asztalos, Los Angeles, CA
Simone Schiffmacher, San Antonio, TX
Kate Shannon, Mansfield, Ohio
Christina Yglesias, Oakland, CA
Matthew Gualco, Brooklyn, NY
Maria Lux, Champaign IL
Alice Gadzinski, Baltimore MD
Jorge Luis Vilca Montalvo, Peru
Chelsea Velaga, Nashville, TN
Mika Agari, Nashville, TN
David Anderson, Nashville, TN
Marlos E’van, Nashville, TN
Aaron Harper, Nashville, TN
Mati Hays, Nashville, TN
David Hellams, Nashville, TN
Blake Holland, Nashville, TN
Morgan Higby-Flowers, Nashville, TN
David King, Nashville, TN
Ariel Lavery, Nashville, TN
Zack Rafuls, Nashville, TN
Alexine Rioux, Nashville, TN
Kayla Saito, Nashville, TN
Sophia Stevenson, Nashville, TN"