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Davega Bike, Sweet Cheeks, Genie Child of God, and Spooky Tooth @ Wall St

121 N Maple St, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130


"Friday July 24th, at Wall Street on the square. 4 bands, 5 bucks. 9pm sharp you'uns.

DAVEGA BIKE (riyl joan of arc of june of 44, and screamin'. naw seriously these guys give me an old jade tree records boner in a weird way)
SWEET CHEEKS (heather said they sound like coco rosie mixed with early modest mouse. so riyl really good shit, and we get to punch heather if she is a liar)
GENIE CHILD OF GOD (riyl loud post rock)
SPOOKY TOOTH (riyl black pus i think is what he said)

there is something for everyone! also everyone invite your friends. I've only got like 6 facebook friends from Tennessee..."