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Cop Circles (Denver), Grey People, Lavender w/ NOISE KARAOKE and NÜ KÜHL BAR @ 2505 Blair Blvd


"COP CIRCLES Luke Leavitt is coming from Denver on tour featuring Ben Donehower of Original Sin, Thee Octaves, The Matildas, Pacific Pride, busking fame and Doo Doo Butter (TX) and the one and only French Kettle Station.

Here's the tentative plan:

10PM GREY PEOPLE (Alex Michalski) the best thing I've danced to since I moved here except square dancing.
Witching Hour LAVENDER solo set get weird!
After that NOISE KARAOKE featuring a taseful smattering of weirdos to skronk out your karaoke jams

Sound by Miller Rich of Essential Tremors/his band with David/looking cool while roller skating

There will also be Nashville's coolest new “bar” accordingly titled NÜ KÜHL BAR. (It should be noted that NÜ KÜHL BAR started in Denver making Denver cooler than Nashville. It's an idea Denver detourned from Brooklyn in an act of reverse cultural colonialism making Denver cooler than Brooklyn #fuckbrooklyn)

Show up early so you can sign up for NOISE KARAOKE and please bring greater than or equal to $5 for COP CIRCLES to put in their gas tank.

NOISE KARAOKE is a new avant garde art form making its world debut at this event featuring “noise” musicians/noise “musicians”/people with weird electronics/people who spontaneously emit strange sounds/avant gardeists who will collaborate on an improvisational basis with the public/artists/whatever as they sing karaoke songs they sign up for when they show up at the party."