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SCRIBBLE: A Solo Exhibition with Alic Daniel @ The Red Arrow Gallery


"The Red Arrow Gallery presents East Nashville Artist, Alic Daniel, for his first gallery and solo exhibition, SCRIBBLE, at 6PM on Saturday August 8th, 2015 in conjunction with the Eastside Art Stumble & ‘Art on Target’ with Joe Nolan on August 22nd, 2015 at 6:30PM.

One part traditional exhibition and one part live installation SCRIBBLE is Alic Daniel’s personal meditation and exploration of line, shape and medium. Through meditative drawing and movement his works attempt to understand the space they live within. All line work improvised and all the result of the line before. Daniel will use the canvas as well as the gallery walls to install his show, also providing a background soundtrack in an effort to bring the viewer into his practice.

Starting from youth Alic recalls a curiosity in lines and repetition. That curiosity is what has crafted his current practice of simplistic gestural mark making. The works in SCRIBBLE are primarily done in black and white in order to draw focus to the whole composition and to present the work in the most bare and honest form. A classically trained painter, illustrator, and muralist, Alic cites multiple influences including modern contemporaries RETNA and Anthony Lister.

Alic Daniel holds a BFA from Belmont University and has participated in multiple group exhibitions. His public works thus far can be viewed at Fort Houston & Treehouse Restaurant. An Ohio native, Alic calls East Nashville his home."