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SURJ Nashville Membership Meeting @ Scarritt Bennett Center


"This meeting is for anyone interested in becoming a member of SURJ Nashville. Join us to learn more about what it means to be a member and how you can get involved in anti-racism education and campaigns, and supporting organizations and movements led by people of color. 

SURJ Nashville is about raising white consciousness about racism and mobilizing white people to join and support movements for racial justice. Anyone who wants to join this work is welcome.



PARKING: Please park in Lot B. 

BUS: This location is walkable from the Hillsboro #7 bus. 

WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBILITY: The International Room is on the 2nd floor of Scarritt Hall. Wheelchair accessibility is through Bennett Hall - 1st floor elevator. Call 706-767-3588 if you need assistance, or email Marie Campbell 

Gender neutral restrooms are available in the building.

No Spanish or ASL translation provided.

We cannot guarantee the space will be scent-free.

Please do not take flash photography so that folks with epilepsy don’t have seizures; please do not wear perfumes, colognes or essential oils so that chemically injured community members can attend. 

The event is FREE!!!

If folks need childcare, please comment below."