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Worst Gift (Toronto), Davega Bike, and Clubb Pop @ The Stone Fox

9PM $5 ALL AGES (?) 

"WORST GIFT (Toronto, ON) - the soundtrack to being held hostage in a cave in serbia. rays of misguided hope bubbling up and popping on the surface of an endless terror-soaked night. dark heady pummeling brooding jagged sweetly despairing razorfuck shout-alongs. drive like jehu, earlier young widows, later unwound, etc:

DAVEGA BIKE (Murfreesboro) - Take your most fragile feelings and then make them really weird. Angular, whiplash crunchy, beefy six-string attack dissolving into impressionistic currents of noise and back again. The soundtrack to escaping through a swamp whilst battling a raging, possibly existentially-induced hallucination-tainted fever.

CLUB POP - brenndd new 2piece jock jams. pile, the jesus lizard, cocaine-addled surfer jazz. the soundtrack to dying by doing way too much of your favorite thing to do."