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The Gills, Behold The Brave, and Harpooner @ The Basement East

8:30PM $5 21+




@The Gills
Originally from Pensacola, Florida, The Gills made their way to Nashville, TN, to push themselves out of their hometown comfort zone. Years later, they've put the finishing touches on the most cathartic songs of the band's career yet.

The band co-produced their latest LP with Kyle Dreaden who took songs like "Aria," "Lemonade" and "Gimme Gimme" to a new invigorating space where gritty rock and pop sensibilities live harmoniously side by side. In concert, The Gills adopt the same in-your-face stance that fills their self-titled album. The Gills are making themselves comfortable occupying the middle ground between college radio and the Top 40 format, while remaining true to their creative explorations.


Behold the Brave
"Sprung out of the mountains of tennessee, we, behold the
brave, want to share our good spirits with anyone willing to
listen. we find joy in creating music; music that guides you
down an energetic yet relaxing wave of noise; music that
evokes a brave & creative new perspective on life."


"Forget earworm; This power pop group of lookers will throw their Harpoon into your primary auditory cortex where it will embed itself so that you are a follower for life. Punchy songs that are inspired by yet not derivative of Harry Nillson, drugged up on touches of psych with a Midwestern twist. The tunes progress conventionally but unpredictably due to frontman Scott Schmadeke's piano-rooted mind and affinity for the major seventh note. You will hear their unmistakably love for the Beatles and their offspring; Emmitt Rhodes and Badfinger. Harpooner's 2014 Speed 7" sounds like someone set the Brill Building on fire.”