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Fox Fun, Tamarron, Dryspell, and I'm an Island @ The East Room


"Awhh Mondays. 

You've just had a long day of coffee drinking, toiling, and stickin it to the man & woman. Perhaps you just spent the whole day at Bass Pro Shop. Maybe you watched Hey Arnold! all damn day. Did you, in particular, go to the moon earlier this afternoon?! What better way to end that beautiful day than with some raunchy Psych-Pop tunes from some of America's newest gems.

After the new year hits...
On January 11th, The East Room will be hosting a real life Psychedelic Hootenanny. 

2 Bands from Nashville x 2 Bands from Austin

Fox Fun




I'm an Island

cc: burnouts, lost-loves, friends-of-friends, treehuggers, punx, wookies, sickly, buff, elderly, sad, lonely, really sad, photogenic, ballers, yelp-reviewers, gamers, goodie-two-shoes, and anyone else who wants to come out."