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Crazy Spirit (NYC), Urochromes, Burp! (PA), FYC (Indy), Chainshot, and Circle K @ Drkmttr

7:30 $10 ALL AGES

"10$ - 10$ - 10$

Crazy Spirit - NYC Toxic State freak punk hardcore titans coming through Nashville on the way from headling This Is Austin Fest with a new ep out on No Patience Records. Members of Hank Wood, Dawn Of Humans, Perdition.etc

Urochromes - Jackie from Sediment Clubs tough and catchy as fuck two piece hardcore drum machine project, also coming through from This Is Austin.

Burp! - New PA weirdo hardcore, on tour with FYC.

Fine Young Casuals - Indy fast hardcore on tour with Burp!

Chainshot - Fastest hardcore band in TN.

Circle K - Catchy/dark pogo punk."