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She's A Rebel II: A Girl Group Tribute Show @ Third and Lindsley

6PM $10-12 18+

"Last year we sold out on "Galentine's Day", now, in our second year we're kicking off Women's History Month with another party at Third & Lindsley! A whole new two hour show!

The house band this year will include Jessi Zazu on guitar (Those Darlins), Tiffany Minton on drums (Adia Victoria), side-woman extraordinaire Ellen Angelico on guitar (Daphne Willis, Sonia Leigh), Leigh Maples on bass (owner of Fanny's House of Music), and others. There will be a rotating cast of lead singers, horn and string players, and a three-part harmony section. 

Guest Vocalists include:

Alanna Royale
Emoni Wilkins
Becca Mancari
Chaley Rose
Jasmin Kaset
Keshia Bailey
Jessie Breanne
Larissa Maestro
Beth Cameron
The Gambler
Luisa Lopez
Ariel Bui
Madeleine Besson
Olivia Scibelli
Megan Keller
Jill Townsend
Lauren Gilbert
Mikala Jones
Lindsey Lomis
Erin Rae

Instrumentalists include:

Jessie Friedman (bgv)
Bel Stuart (bgv)
Sarah Bandy (bgv)
Rachel Coats (bgv)
Mary Rodgers (sax)
Julia Meredith (sax)
Jennifer Knapp (trumpet)
Helen Vaskevitch (trumpet)
Larissa Maestro (cello)
Kristin Weber (violin)
Eleanore Denig (violin)
Maria Kowalski (violin)
Jane Boxall (vibraphone, xylophone, tambourines, etc.)
Ellen Angelico (Guitar)
Leigh Maples (Bass)
Tiffany Minton (Drums)
Laura Taylor (Bass)
Rachel Solomon (Keys)
Jessi Zazu (Guitar)

$10 advanced | $12 at the door



In the era of 1950’s-1960’s Second-Wave feminism, it was music of The Girl Groups (The Ronettes, The Shangri-Las, The Crystals, etc.) that defined the sound of popular music. It was music that gave voice to the challenges and dreams of women, made international superstars out of many – particularly women of color – and united America during the Jim Crow and desegregation years. However, too often this music is unfairly marginalized as novelty and repeatedly discussed as a cultural placeholder – or, the moment between Elvis and The Beatles – and the contributions of these women is oftten minimized, overshadowed by the careers of the men that surrounded them (The Beach Boys, Phil Spector, Barry Gordy, Elvis, The Beatles, et al). 

Inspired by the significant role these women played during this era of our musical heritage, as well as the current social unrest for people of color and development of social justice movements like Black Lives Matter et al, She's A Rebel is kicking off Women's History Month with a whole new two hour show! Our mission is to connect and integrate women whose unique voices and diverse talent make the Nashville music community so distinctive."