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Fascination Street @ The East Room


""They're coming to get you..." It has been established that FASCINATION STREET will return to life on Saturday, August 12th and commit acts of goth, across a blood red dance floor. 

DJs Ichabod + Baron von Birk will board themselves up in the DJ booth to bring you a full night of living and dead post-punk, deathrock, goth, darkwave, coldwave, and batcave anthems. Just let us know what we can play to make you twitch.

So, dig up some friends, and warn the others! We'll see you there...


The East Room: 2412 Gallatin Avenue in East Nashville, TN, 37206. Located across the street and down from The Cobra (formerly known as fooBar), next to Subway, and in the same building as Hail, Dark Aesthetics. The entrance to the East Room is on the right side of the building. 

Doors open at 9pm. FREE until 10pm, $5 after. 18+up admitted. Parking is free in the club's front lot and on the surrounding side streets at any time. You can also park for free in the Subway, Hair World, or Walgreens lots once they close. Do not park at the school across the street.


ABOUT Fascination Street: 

We are faithful to the post-punk sounds the goth scene was built on, but this is not simply a retro night. Plenty of classics, club favorites, and even rarities will be heard, of course, but mixed with new & current artists that carry that spirit and expand on it today -- from the intentional revivalists, to the new dark punk underwave, we bridge the past and the future.

the cure. bauhaus. christian death. siouxsie & the banshees. killing joke. night sins. anasazi. spectres. horror vacui. altar de fey. swans. joy division. new order. the sisters of mercy. 45 grave. she past away. drab majesty. shadow age. soft kill. skeleton hands. chelsea wolfe. the smiths. clan of xymox. the wake. rosetta stone. dead can dance. fields of the nephilim. the mission. lycia. light asylum. ulterior. david bowie. nick cave. cocteau twins. chameleons. interpol. cold cave. vaniish. peter murphy. bella morte. the last dance. echo & the bunnymen. the church. portishead. switchblade symphony. new model army. faith and the muse. the bellicose minds. corpus delicti. belgrado. en†er†ainmen†. iamx. depeche mode. shadowhouse. white lies. london after midnight. specimen. red lorry yellow lorry. the jesus and mary chain. gene loves jezebel. alien sex fiend. samhain. bloody dead and sexy. virgin prunes. cinema strange. the screaming dead. pretentious, moi?. terminal gods. nosferatu. death in june. 1919. the tear garden. the legendary pink dots. coil. rome...

...and so many, many more -- but No aggro/terror ebm, techno, trance, or nu-metal. Graves not raves; Bauhaus is the only house we need. 

Join the Death Club."